MLG seems to have a lot to hide

Taxpayer money for luxury food, refusing to send the national guard to protect the southern border, sexual assault hush-money payments, and now, according to a new report, a mandated culture of destroying public records.

With a four-pronged crises unfolding in the Lujan Grisham administration this guidance seems all too convenient for the Governor:

The governor’s office offered similar advice to Lujan Grisham’s staff. “Every single text message that you send or receive likely qualifies as a ‘transitory record,’” the official guidance counsels. “We recommend that you delete all text messages which are ‘transitory records’ every ten days. You may delete them more often if you wish.”

With MLG’s staff left to their own devices to decide what is considered a “transitory record” and what is not, issues of transparency will continue to haunt the governor’s office.

And don’t even think about speaking out about the state not preserving public records — because the last staffer to do so was fired.

What gives?