MLG doubles down on “QAnon lizard people” comment

Photo credit: Gabriela Campos, Santa Fe New Mexican via AP

Governor Lujan Grisham still refuses to answer any questions about the dumpster fire going on in her administration or personal life that is causing so much embarrassment to New Mexicans, but she did double down on calling people who don’t agree with her policies “QAnon lizard people.”


“I don’t [regret calling constituents QAnon lizard people] because I didn’t say it in a mean way.” — Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham



At least MLG actually agreed to an interview (you can see the shock on KOB4’s anchors’ faces and hear it in their voice). But hey, I guess that’s what happens after the RGA launches a five-figure pressure campaign to force the Governor to answer for her mistakes.

“Small business owners, parents and workers were devastated by Lujan Grisham’s policies, but if they dare speak out against her she deems them weirdo, fringe conspiracy theorists,” said RGA spokesman Will Reinert. “Governor Lujan Grisham defended her crotch-grabbing scandal as just ‘playing around‘ and now says denigrating her constituents is okay because it did not come out in a ‘mean way.’ But the truth of the matter is words and actions have consequences and the Governor must apologize instead of playing it off like some sick joke.”