Missouri Gains Jobs, Unemployment Rate Sharply Declines Under Governor Parson’s Show Me Strong Recovery Plan

The latest jobs report released by the Missouri Economic Research and Information Center shows that Governor Mike Parson’s Show Me Strong Recovery Plan is in full swing as Missouri continues to positively rebound from the economic hardships caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

With an addition of 13,000 jobs over the month and a steep decline in the number of unemployment claims, Missourians are safely returning to work and giving the state’s economy a jolt. The jobless rate continues to decline, dropping precipitously from 7% in August to 4.9% in September – a drop of 30%. That puts Missouri significantly lower than the national average of 7.9% and continues a winning streak of the state’s unemployment rate being lower than or equal to the national average every month that Governor Parson has been in office.

Despite the economic toll that COVID-19 has taken on the Show Me State and across the country, Governor Parson has worked tirelessly to ensure that Missouri gets back on track and recovers quickly. Since the onset of the pandemic, the governor has been focused on recruiting new businesses and helping people get back to work through innovative initiatives like his Recovery MO campaign. Governor Parson remains committed to guiding Missouri safely through the public health challenges ahead while working to strengthen the state’s economy for an even stronger comeback.