Minnesota Dem Gov Candidate Rebecca Otto Misleads Voters About Energy Tax Hike Plan

DFL gubernatorial candidate Rebecca Otto revealed yesterday that she is willing to mislead voters about her radical tax plans. In a tweet, Otto claimed that her energy tax hike plan, which would tax carbon, is somehow not a tax.

“Probably want to reread the plan. Not a tax,” Otto tweeted.

Except Otto’s carbon tax is the very definition of a tax. CBS Minnesota describes Otto’s plan as “a tax on carbon emissions.” They note that Otto’s plan could raise the cost of a gallon of gas by 20 cents, raise the cost of natural gas by 40%, and raise electricity costs by 5%.

The left-wing Carbon Tax Center describes Otto’s plan as being “centered on a carbon charge that would begin at $40 per metric ton of CO2 and increase by 10% each year.” They call it as a “state-level carbon tax.”

Rebecca Otto knows that hardworking families reject politicians who pledge to raise their taxes – that’s why she’s desperate to mislead. Unfortunately for Otto, Minnesota voters aren’t interested in a duplicitous left-wing politician committed to massive tax hikes.