Mills to students: “all lives matter” is racist

Photo credit: Robert F. Bukaty, AP

Under Janet Mills, Maine students are being fed a woke curriculum that teaches students examples of “covert racism” and “white supremacy,” according to a new report.

But the examples being taught to students are the real shocker:

  • “all lives matter”
  • “MAGA”
  • “calling the police on black people” 
  • “white privilege denial”
  • “anti-immigration policies”
  • ”white silence”
  • ”colorblindness”
  • “mass incarceration”
  • “claiming reverse racism”
  • “paternalism”

”Students should be taught reading, writing and math, not a woke curriculum from the Mills administration that teaches kids that they are inherently racist for the beliefs they or their parents support,” said RGA spokesman Will Reinert. “This is not the first time Janet Mills was caught pushing a totally inappropriate curriculum to public school students, and you better believe parents will show their dissatisfaction on Election Day.”