Mills didn’t fight Biden’s lobster fishing ban

Photo credit: Nick Woodward, Maine Public

We already knew Janet Mills tried to kill Maine’s lobster fishing industry with her offshore wind plan, but that looks like just the start of a deadly combo by Democrats to destroy the livelihoods of lobstermen and lobsterwomen for good.

The Biden administration just announced a lobster fishing ban on 950 square miles in the Gulf of Maine, during the most lucrative times of the year for the industry, to protect endangered whales. Yet, while Mills had months to pick up the phone and call Joe Biden to stop this, she did nothing.

The real gut punch? Biden’s NOAA announced the ban despite “fishermen say[ing] they’re not seeing the whales in our waters.”

“Janet Mills made it a campaign promise in 2018 to force lobstermen and lobsterwomen to ‘look for alternative sources of income,’ as she shut down the fishing industry,” said RGA spokesman Will Reinert. “Governor Mills had the opportunity to stand up to Joe Biden’s NOAA for months but did nothing. Now local lobstering economies will be decimated in the name of Mills’ and her allies’ radical environmental agenda.”