Michigan’s Less Safe

Photo Credit: Dale Young

Another week, another wave of violent crime across Michigan under Gretchen Whitmer’s watch. Just look at the latest headlines since last week:

Detroit Free Press

WXYZ (ABC Detroit)


WJBK (FOX Detroit)

By supporting the “spirit” of the defund the police movement, and refusing to condemn dangerous rhetoric from allies like Rashida Tlaib who have called for “no more policiing”, Whitmer is making Michigan less safe and crushing police morale.

“Michigan cities have become more dangerous as violent crime spikes across the state thanks to Gretchen Whitmer’s refusal to condemn anti-police rhetoric by her allies,” said RGA Spokesman Chris Gustafson. “Families deserve a strong leader like Tudor Dixon who will back Michigan law enforcement and crack down on the violent crime that has become rampant under Whitmer.”