Michigan’s Andrew Cuomo

Photo credit: Dale Young

new report from the Michigan Auditor General due out next week is set to show that following Gretchen Whitmer’s reckless decision to force Covid-positive patients into nursing homes, her administration undercounted deaths in nursing homes by 30 percent.

Once again, following the lead of Andrew Cuomo, Whitmer and her team are already trying to bury the facts uncovered by the Auditor General.

“Michigan families were locked out and forced to watch their loved ones die alone while Gretchen Whitmer was busy ensuring that Covid-positive patients could make it into nursing homes,” said RGA Spokesperson Chris Gustafson. “Forcefully exposing seniors to Covid apparently wasn’t enough for Whitmer and her team as she worked to hide nursing homes deaths. Whitmer has rightfully earned her title as the Andrew Cuomo of the Midwest.”

Michigan audit set to reveal more COVID deaths tied to Michigan long-term care facilities
The Detroit News
Craig Mauger

Lansing — A much-anticipated report that’s expected to debut Monday will suggest the number of COVID-19 deaths linked to long-term care facilities in Michigan is “nearly 30% higher” than state officials have tallied, according to a letter released Wednesday.

Elizabeth Hertel, director of the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, criticized the upcoming findings from the Office of the Auditor General in the letter, and she questioned the methods used by the office to arrive at its conclusions.

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