Do Michigan Gubernatorial Candidates Support Congressional Democrats’ Tax Hike Plan?

If they take power this November, Congressional Democrats are promising to raise taxes on Americans. Just last week, they put forward a detailed plan that would hike income and business taxes, forcing taxpayers to pay even more.

Michigan’s Democrat gubernatorial candidates, including Gretchen Whitmer, Abdul El-Sayed, and Shri Thanedar, have been active on the campaign trail, but have yet to comment on these proposed tax hikes. Whitmer spent years in the state legislature voting in favor of failed governor Jennifer Granholm’s massive tax hikes on Michigan’s middle class, which drove the state toward massive unemployment and economic decline. But Whitmer and her fellow Democrat candidates have remained silent on the latest proposals from Congressional Democrats.

If Whitmer, El-Sayed, and Thanedar want to pursue Michigan’s highest office, voters should know where they stand. Do they support Congressional Democrats’ plan to raise taxes? Voters deserve a direct answer.

Forbes writes:

“This week, Congressional Democrats released a detailed tax hike plan that they promised to implement if given majority control of the House and Senate after the 2018 midterm elections. So much for the crocodile tears about the deficit–Democrats want to raise taxes not to reduce the debt, but rather to spend that tax hike money on boondoggle projects…

Up until this year, the United States labored under the highest corporate income tax rate in the developed world. As a result, jobs and capital were fleeing America for more normal tax rates that could be found in tax havens like France and China (saracasm font very much activated). Finally, after many years of bipartisan consensus that the U.S. corporate rate had become an impediment to attracting new jobs and investment, Congress cut the rate all the way from 35 to 21 percent. Even doing that only puts us in the middle of the pack of developed nations, but that’s a heck of a lot better than dead last…

Instead of figuring out how to raise taxes, Congressional Democrats would do better to work in a bipartisan manner to make the middle class and pro-jobs tax relief just passed into law permanent. A rising tide lifts all boats.”