Does Michelle Lujan Grisham Agree With DGA Chairman Jay Inslee That A Carbon Tax Is “A Winning Message” In New Mexico?

New Mexico Democrat gubernatorial nominee Michelle Lujan Grisham continues to align herself with efforts to make New Mexico families pay more for energy.

Last month, Lujan Grisham refused to support a motion simply stating the obvious fact that a carbon tax would hurt the economy. Only the next day, Lujan Grisham held an event on energy with DGA Chairman and Seattle Liberal Jay Inslee, a major advocate of carbon taxes that would crush working families.

Now, Inslee appears to have exposed Lujan Grisham’s support for a carbon tax. In an interview with ABC, Inslee linked his carbon tax agenda in Washington to Lujan Grisham, arguing that a carbon tax is a “winning message” in New Mexico.

With New Mexico families already struggling to pay their energy bills, Lujan Grisham owes voters answers. Does she disagree with Inslee or does she support his carbon tax agenda?