Maryland Dem Gov Nominee Ben Jealous Labeled “Too Extreme For MSNBC” After Botched Interview

It’s almost impossible for a Democrat candidate to be too radical for MSNBC, but Maryland Democrat gubernatorial nominee Ben Jealous appears to have achieved the impossible.

Jealous – who has staked his entire campaign on a series of far-left, radical spending plans – is now being labeled as “too extreme for MSNBC,” after a botched interview in which he repeatedly failed to answer even the most basic questions.

The Washington Times reports that Jealous was repeatedly served up “no-brainer softball” questions from friendly hosts about his agenda, and Jealous “wouldn’t directly answer” them.

Jealous is too beholden to the extreme ideology of the far-left of his party that he can’t even give lip service to moderates in the state of Maryland. He couldn’t even pretend to appeal to the middle.”

The Washington Times concludes, “It appears Ben Jealous is not just too extreme for Maryland voters, he’s even too extreme for MSNBC.”