Maryland Dem Gov Candidates Raising “Much Less Money” Than In Years Past

This time in 2014, Maryland Democrat gubernatorial candidates were raising massive amounts of campaign cash and already airing ads on expensive broadcast television. This year? Not so much.

In another sign that Maryland Democrats are struggling to compete against Larry Hogan, the second most popular Governor in America, the Baltimore Sun is reporting that the current field of Democrat gubernatorial candidates is lagging far behind previous years in campaign cash and advertising.

Maryland Democrats are struggling to compete because voters know they’re offering a weak field of candidates rife with major ethical problems and extreme proposals to hike taxes to unimaginable levels.

The Baltimore Sun writes,

The crowded Democratic race has forced candidates to segment voters in part because they’ve raised much less money than Democratic gubernatorial primary candidates in years past.

Four years ago, Democrats spent nearly $21.5 million on the primary battle, $11.2 million of it by then-Lt. Gov Anthony Brown and $7.5 million by then-Attorney General Douglas F. Gansler. By the second week of April 2014, the candidates had introduced themselves in television spots and were airing their first attack ads.

None of the seven candidates running this year has yet aired a broadcast television ad, the most effective way to reach a broad swath of voters.