Obama Staffer Announces Run For Maryland Governor – But She Might Not Be Eligible For Office

Maryland Democrat Krishanti Vignarajah might not be eligible to run for governor, but that didn’t stop her from announcing yesterday that she was jumping in anyways.

Vignarajah has come under fire in recent weeks after it was revealed that she has been a registered Washington, D.C. voter, despite also being registered in Maryland, and has cast her votes in D.C. elections from 2010 to 2014.

It’s a classic beltway insider move – and Vignarajah is refusing to answer questions about it.

The Washington Post explains, “Maryland law requires gubernatorial candidates to have lived and been registered to vote in the state for five years immediately preceding the election. D.C. law prohibits people from registering to vote when they are registered elsewhere.”

Vignarajah did not take questions Tuesday and declined to comment on her eligibility for office.”

Vignarajah’s refusal to talk about her eligibility status isn’t new. She dodged questions about it just weeks ago during a radio show. NBC Washington reported that, “She was asked by News4’s Tom Sherwood, a co-host of the show, why she voted in D.C. while also being registered to vote in Maryland. Vignarajah did not answer the question, despite being asked five times by Sherwood.”

Vignarajah is proving that she won’t be upfront with Maryland voters.