Malloy Protege Luke Bronin Would Further Hurt Connecticut’s Future 

With virtually all of the Democrats’ top-tier recruits deciding to stay out of the Connecticut governor’s race, the party is showing growing signs of desperation as it searches for a nominee. Now, failed Hartford Mayor and Dan Malloy protege Luke Bronin’s name is being touted as a possible candidate.

But unfortunately for Democrats, Bronin’s potential candidacy would only further highlight the party’s nearly eight years of disastrous policies and costly budget crises under Failed Governor Dan Malloy. Bronin started his political career in Connecticut as a Malloy staffer and appears to have taken on his incompetent brand of failed leadership in Hartford. Under Bronin, Hartford has remained at a “high risk” for bankruptcy with a “junk” Caa3 bond rating while facing “massive deficits in the coming years.” Bronin’s failed leadership in Hartford has seen the city’s fiscal status decline even further than the state as a whole, which has been plagued by routine credit downgrades for years under Malloy.

To make matters worse for Bronin, his entrance to the gubernatorial race would break a firm promise he made to his constituents. In a 2015 interview with WFSB-TV, Bronin committed to serving a full term as mayor, claiming that “you cannot turn a city around in four years” while stating that he hoped to run for re-election and serve another full term after his first one. But not even two years into his first term, Bronin is already looking for an exit.

After two terms of catastrophic Democrat failures in Connecticut, the last thing the state needs is Dan Malloy’s protege to lead it further down the same road. Luke Bronin would only prolong his predecessor’s disasters, and after failing the people of Hartford miserably as mayor, he does not deserve a promotion to Connecticut’s highest office