Malloy Enabler Susan Bysiewicz’s Tax Hiking Agenda Is Wrong For Connecticut

Another Dan Malloy Enabler has officially entered the race to replace America’s least popular governor. Democrat Susan Bysiewicz, who was infamously disqualified from running for Attorney General in 2010 after it was discovered that she hadn’t practiced law for years, declared her candidacy for Connecticut’s highest office yesterday.

While Bysiewicz will undoubtedly try to run away from Malloy’s toxic legacy, her long record of supporting massive tax hikes on the people of Connecticut shows that she would only be more of the same if elected. Bysiewicz and her fellow Democrat gubernatorial candidates Ned Lamont, Jonathan Harris, and Luke Bronin have stood by for years, refusing to oppose Malloy’s anti-business, job-killing policies, even as the state has slid further into economic decline.

After nearly two terms of Democrat mismanagement under Malloy, Connecticut needs a fresh start. Susan Bysiewicz’s tax hiking agenda would continue to take the state backwards.