Malloy Enabler Ned Lamont Ignores His Record, Makes Empty Promises On Tax Hikes

Desperate to hide his support for Failed Governor Dan Malloy’s job-killing tax hikes, Connecticut Democrat gubernatorial candidate Ned Lamont continues to mislead voters about his record on taxes. Yesterday Lamont unveiled a plan to reduce property taxes that he claims will lower the tax burden on lower-income citizens.

However Lamont did not mention that he has called to “expand the property tax,” including putting a new property tax on cars that would hurt working families the most. Lamont also left out the fact that he believes “everybody’s going to have to be at the table” when it comes to income tax increases, leaving the door open for even more job-killing tax hikes on lower income citizens. Lamont is merely telling voters what he thinks they want to hear by claiming he’ll reduce the tax burden, hoping they ignore his real record.

Connecticut heard the same types of promises from Dan Malloy when he ran for re-election, claiming he wouldn’t raise taxes. Now his top enabler, Ned Lamont, is trying to fool voters with the same empty words, claiming he’ll protect their tax dollars while he’s already made it clear he’d do the opposite if elected. Connecticut can’t trust Ned Lamont to lead.