Malloy Enabler Ned Lamont Would Continue The Failed Policies That Hurt Connecticut

In Connecticut, perennial candidate and Malloy Enabler Ned Lamont became the latest candidate to enter this November’s gubernatorial race. Lamont’s entry comes after all of the Democrats’ top-tier recruits, including Nancy Wyman, George Jepsen, Ted Kennedy Jr., Kevin Lembo, and Malloy himself, all refused to run. With Lamont’s record of supporting the same reckless tax-and-spend policies that have driven Connecticut into fiscal ruin, his candidacy will only further weaken Democrat chances of holding on to their state’s highest office in November.

After losing the 2010 Democrat gubernatorial primary, Lamont gave his full-throated support to Dan Malloy, becoming one of his top supporters in the general election. With Lamont’s backing, Malloy went on to impose disastrous tax hikes and anti-business policies that resulted in high-profile business departures, multiple credit downgrades, repeated budget crises, and the highest unemployment rate in the region. And while Malloy’s policies wreaked havoc on Connecticut’s economy, Lamont remained silent, standing by Malloy’s disastrous leadership. To make matters worse, Lamont confirmed his openness to tax hikes in his announcement yesterday, refusing to rule out the possibility of imposing more of them if elected.

For almost eight years, Connecticut has been plagued by failed leadership from Dan Malloy and his Democrat Enablers. Ned Lamont would only give their failed agenda another outlet to continue hurting the state with anti-business, anti-jobs policies.