Malloy Enabler Dita Bhargava Wants Connecticut Families To Pay Even More

A week after Failed Governor Dan Malloy proposed statewide highway tolling as his latest fee hike on over-taxed Connecticut families, one of his enablers running to replace him is already loudly campaigning on his plan. Liberal hedge fund manager Dita Bhargava has given her full-throated backing to Malloy’s regressive toll proposal, calling it a “sensible revenue source for our state:”

Even after a new poll showed Malloy’s approval rating falling to an all-time low of 23 percent in Connecticut, Bhargava is standing by the failed governor’s backwards policies. But this isn’t the first time Bhargava has doubled down on Malloy’s agenda, for months she’s been calling for “more tax revenue,” even using Malloy’s favorite euphemism to disguise her attempt to further burden Connecticut taxpayers. If Bhargava is this eager to use Dan Malloy’s failed policies as inspiration for her campaign platform, it’s clear that she can’t be trusted to lead Connecticut.