LOST CAUSE: Alaska’s Largest Labor Union Won’t Back Democrat Mark Begich’s Underwhelming Gov Campaign

Things look so dire for Alaska Democrat Mark Begich’s struggling gubernatorial campaign that even his biggest supporters are jumping ship.

During his previous campaigns, Alaska’s labor unions have spent millions of dollars to elect Begich. Just the AFL-CIO alone has spent nearly $1 million boosting his campaigns.

But now, the AFL-CIO is so thoroughly unimpressed with Begich’s lackluster campaign that they’re refusing to offer him their support, going as far to say that they’re “disappointed” he decided to enter the race. This startling rebuke comes only days after a column in the Juneau Empire from a self-described progressive attacked Begich’s candidacy as “underwhelming” and “a lost cause.”

If Begich can’t even get traditional Democrat constituencies to support his bid, then his path to victory has gone from difficult to virtually non-existent.