Law Enforcement Stands with Schmidt, Not Kelly, for Governor

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Republican Governors Association Kansas 2022 PAC launched a new TV ad today highlighting law enforcement’s support for Derek Schmidt over Democrat Laura Kelly in the race for Kansas governor.

Law enforcement organizations and sheriffs across Kansas are endorsing Schmidt after Kelly’s failed to adequately stand with law enforcement against leftist attacks. The Racial Equity Commission Kelly created and appointed have suggested radical policies like allowing criminals to sue cops, mandatory training that tells law enforcement officers they are racist, and alternatives to school resource officers.

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“Law enforcement across Kansas are backing Republican Derek Schmidt over Democrat Laura Kelly because they know Schmidt has what it takes to stand up to the woke mobs threatening public safety,” said RGA spokeswoman Joanna Rodriguez. “Kelly has used her time in office to put radical politics like allowing the transgender agenda in schools and prioritizing criminals over law enforcement above what was best for Kansans.”


NEWSCAST: “The Kansas State Troopers Association is endorsing Derek Schmidt in the race for Kansas governor.”

NEWSCAST: “The Kansas Fraternal Order of Police also endorsed Schmidt. It supported Governor Laura Kelly four years ago.”

ANNOUNCER: “Law enforcement switching to Derek Schmidt from Laura Kelly.

“Kelly started a Commission on Racial Equity that attacked police. Kelly’s Commission suggested allowing cops to be sued by criminals.

“Radical on crime. Radical on transgender politics. Laura Kelly’s just too radical.”