Laura Kelly Owes Kansans Clarity on Biden’s Vax Mandates

Photo credit: Charlie Riedel, Associated Press

The Biden administration is set to release its vaccine mandate on small businesses this week, and Kansans still don’t know if Democrat Laura Kelly will fight for them or stand by as her Party bosses in Washington call the shots.

Kansans have been protesting the upcoming mandate, employment lawyers in the state are receiving calls from panicked workers asking what their options are, and employers are telling other Kansas officials they expect to lose 30-50% of their workforce if required to comply.

“Governors across the country are preparing to stand up for their state’s workers, but Laura Kelly has repeatedly refused to condemn this mandate from her fellow Democrats in Washington,” said RGA spokesperson Joanna Rodriguez. “Instead of praising vaccine passports and refusing to clarify her position on President Biden’s overreaching federal vaccine mandate, Kelly should be supporting the efforts of the Attorney General and other Kansas officials to fight for individual rights.”