Laura Kelly Idle As Kansans Face Job Loss

Photo credit: Charlie Riedel, Associated Press

Kansas’ Attorney General has filed a lawsuit to stop the Biden administration’s vaccine mandate as residents face losing their jobs or being forced into a private medical decision, and Democrat Governor Laura Kelly has stayed silent.

For nearly two months Kelly has refused to provide clear answers as to whether she intends to enforce or fight the federal government’s vaccine mandate. Meanwhile, Kansans have been protesting the mandate, employment lawyers in the state have received calls from panicked workers asking what their options are, and employers have told other Kansas officials they expect to lose 30-50% of their workforce if required to comply.

“Governor Laura Kelly could offer her support to the ongoing efforts in Kansas to fight Washington Democrats’ overreach, but instead she’s chosen to say nothing,” said RGA spokesperson Joanna Rodriguez. “Kelly’s inaction as Kansans face the loss of their jobs over a personal decision is unacceptable and completely misaligned with voters’ values. They’ll remember her silence next November.”