Landmark Union Challenge Initiated By Gov. Bruce Rauner Heads to SCOTUS

Illinois’ GOP Governor Bruce Rauner is making national news after the Supreme Court announced it would take up a Rauner-initiated legal challenge.

The case revolves around Mark Janus, an Illinois government employee challenging a state law that forces him to contribute to a government union that is notorious for funneling money to Democratic politicians, potentially violating Janus’ first amendment rights.

The Associated Press explains, “Republican Rauner says employees ‘should not be forced to give up a portion of their pay each month to fund public-sector union activity.’”

“Rauner says his 2015 executive order prohibiting state-agency ‘fair share’ collection set the Janus case in motion.”

If successful, the legal challenge could finally give government employees the freedom to use their taxpayer-funded salaries for political speech as they see fit.