Lamont Follows Cuomo’s Nursing Home Lead

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As Connecticut reels from Ned Lamont’s broken promise to buy millions of at-home Covid tests, the governor is doubling down his Covid mismanagement by following Andrew Cuomo’s leadand asking nursing homes to accept Covid-positive patients.

This reckless nursing home policy, which Democrat governors like Gretchen Whitmer and Tom Wolf also adopted, has led to countless preventable deaths in Democrat states among the most vulnerable to Covid.

“Ned Lamont’s reckless mismanagement and failed response to Covid is continuing to harm seniors and prolong needless suffering among Connecticut’s most vulnerable.” said RGA Spokesperson Chris Gustafson. “Failing to learn from the deadly decisions of Gretchen Whitmer, Tom Wolf, and his buddy Andrew Cuomo proves that Ned Lamont is unfit to lead.”

Connecticut asks nursing homes to accept COVID-positive admissions from hospitals
Hartford Courant
Dave Altimari and Jenna Carlesso

COVID-positive admissions from hospitals, according to a new guidance from the Department of Public Health, even as positivity rates within nursing homes are increasing sharply.

The latest guidance from the DPH is an indication that the state is trying to alleviate the growing crush of COVID-19 cases in hospitals as they near record numbers of patients.

Until Thursday, the health department required any patient transferred from a hospital to a long-term care facility to have a negative COVID test performed in the hospital within 48 hours of their transfer, but that requirement is now waived.

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