KS needs more than words from Laura Kelly

Photo credit: Charlie Riedel, Associated Press

Yesterday, President Biden’s Surgeon General said mandates for businesses with less than 100 employees was very much on the table.

After months of silence and inaction, Laura Kelly was finally shamed into a statement feigning disapproval of Biden’s initial vaccine mandate, but she has yet to take any meaningful action to protect Kansas jobs. Now, the Biden administration is preparing to go after smaller mom and pop operations next, and Kansans deserve more than just words from their lame-duck governor.

“Laura Kelly has had ample time to weigh Biden’s vaccine mandate, and she’s still unwilling to take forceful or meaningful action to oppose her Party bosses in DC,” said RGA spokesperson Joanna Rodriguez. “It’s time for Kelly to use her platform to add support to the Attorney General’s lawsuit on behalf of Kansas and use her authority to ensure Kansans who lose their job due to Biden’s mandates can receive unemployment benefits.”