Knoxville News Sentinel Endorses Bill Lee For Tennessee Governor

Noting that he “has the potential to be an inspiring Tennessee governor,” the Knoxville News Sentinel is endorsing Republican Businessman Bill Lee to become the next governor of Tennessee.

As a self-made businessman, not a politician, Bill Lee would bring an “outsider’s perspective” to the job that “could prove invaluable.” The Knoxville News Sentinel specifically praises his outspoken “enthusiasm for vocational, technical and agricultural education,” as an example of how Lee would use business background to help Tennessee thrive. Lee also receives praise for “his intent to partner with nonprofit and faith-based groups to address issues of addiction, crime and recidivism.”

“With his conservative credentials, lack of political obligations and strong spirit of compassion, Lee is well positioned to work with the GOP legislature to find creative ways to cut through the daunting knots that have constrained progress on some serious problems, including access to health care, limited rural and inner-city opportunity and the achievement gap in education,” writes the Knoxville News Sentinel.

With his personal success and dynamic campaign, Bill Lee has shown he has the potential to be an inspiring Tennessee governor,” concludes the Knoxville News Sentinel, “and we support giving him that chance.”