Kentucky GOP Governor Matt Bevin Shatters Records with $20 Billion in Economic Investment

GOP Governor Matt Bevin of Kentucky is putting the Commonwealth to work, leading the economy to a record-breaking $20 billion in private sector investment during his first term.

By instituting pro-growth policies, Governor Bevin’s administration has attracted over $20 billion in business investment since 2015, representing 1,180 individual projects. These projects have had an astounding impact on the lives of Kentuckians, spurring an ongoing creation of nearly 54,000 full-time jobs across the Commonwealth. 

This growth hasn’t occurred in a vacuum. As Governor Bevin has pushed his state to new heights, demand for Kentucky-made products has increased dramatically. Breaking a state record with $31.76 billion in exports in 2018, Governor Bevin has presided over a near-15 percent export increase since 2015.

Governor Bevin is getting proven results for hardworking Kentucky families, bringing expanded opportunities for all and building a brighter future for the Bluegrass State.