Katie Hobbs twists herself into a knot on CNN

Photo credit: Ross D. Franklin—AP

If you are looking for Katie Hobbs today she is busy getting herself out of the knot she twisted herself into this morning on CNN.

Take a look at how Hobbs says that the AZ election in 2020 was the most secure in AZ history, but that the federal government must immediately eliminate the filibuster and take control of elections or else democracy is doomed:


“Folks like myself who have stood up for integrity of our election and defended the processes – that we conducted according to the letter of the law –  and [conducted] the most secure election in our state’s history.” — Katie Hobbs


“We are at a defining moment in our democracy. And if we don’t have the voting rights, I don’t know that we have a Democracy.” — Katie Hobbs


“Katie Hobbs is no expert on elections or voting rights, just a politician who will say whatever gets her another softball interview on MSNBC or CNN,” said RGA spokesman Will Reinert. “Secretary of State Hobbs can’t manage to accurately describe the state of elections she is in charge of and instead parrots the same extreme talking points being promoted by radical Democrats in Washington, DC.”