Kate Brown Supports Expanding Scandal-Plagued Oregon Department Of Energy

Under failed Democrat governor Kate Brown, Oregon’s Department of Energy has been, as The Oregonian put it, “dogged by runaway tax credit programs, bad loans, staff and leadership turnover, political meddling, and harsh criticism from energy suppliers and utilities who pay the agency’s bills.” But instead of downsizing the scandal-plagued agency as stakeholders have expected, Democrat state legislators are pushing proposals to expand the scope of its duties and Kate Brown has given them her support.

The Oregonian reports:

“House Bill 2020, sponsored by Rep. Paul Holvey, D-Eugene, and vice chair of the oversight committee, would expand the agency’s mission to include technical analysis and coordination of the state’s climate change policies, giving it a new role at the center of another controversial issue…

The governor’s office said Brown is supportive of Holvey’s bill in concept, but is hoping stakeholders can come together on the details.”

Instead of cleaning house as she should, Kate Brown and her Democrat allies are looking for ways to further expand an out-of-control agency whose reckless actions have been an unacceptable drain on Oregonian tax dollars. With her inexplicable attempts to stifle accountability and her refusal to fix the Department of Energy’s glaring issues, it is clear that Kate Brown cannot be trusted to promote transparent and effective government for Oregon.