Kansans Shouldn’t Have To Rely On Overrides To Get Things Done

Photo credit: Mark Reinstein

Earlier this month, Democrat Laura Kelly vetoed legislation requiring able-bodied adults to work 30 hours a week and participate in workforce training to receive welfare benefits. Today, Republicans in the Kansas House and Senate overrode her veto.

This isn’t the first time Kelly has discouraged people from returning to work. Last year as Kansas businesses and employers were desperate to fill jobs, Kelly refused to stop paying extended federal unemployment benefits to encourage people to get back to work.

“Kansans are tired of having a governor who actively discourages employment and disrespects the hard-working taxpayers funding the benefits she wants to give out like candy,” said RGA spokesperson Joanna Rodriguez. “In November, Kansans will finally be able to kick Laura Kelly’s obstructionism to the curb and elect a Republican governor that will work to get jobs filled.”