Just Like Hobbs, AZ Dem Party Boss Won’t Condemn “Defund the Police”

Photo credit: Ross D. Franklin—AP

We already knew Katie Hobbs promised Planned Parenthood she would refuse any law enforcement support for her campaign in order to gain their endorsement.

But it’s not just Hobbs embracing the defund the police movement. AZ Dem party chair Raquel Terán rolled out all the talking points she’s telling candidates, like Hobbs, to use to defend the defund the police movement and the Planned Parenthood endorsement in an interview yesterday.

Take a look at 6 of the whackiest quotes from the interview with Brahm Resnik:

  • “Reimagining how we use the resources.”
  • “I’m down for that conversation.”
  • “Different ways we can imagine public safety”
  • “They [Planned Parenthood] are a trusted partner and an ally in making sure Arizona is a battleground state”
  • “What Planned Parenthood is doing is re-shifting the conversation”
  • There is a tie. There is an intersectionality between police and abortion, and they are taking that position because they know how those issues connect.”

“Arizona Democrats, from the state party chair to Katie Hobbs, all support defunding the police and will go to extreme lengths to defend their hostile position toward law enforcement,” said RGA spokesman Will Reinert. “Arizona families will never be safe with Katie Hobbs in charge, and the embrace of Planned Parenthood’s anti-police mandate is living proof.”