Jon Corzine: "Hold Me Accountable"

The Republican Governors Association launched a new television advertisement recalling Jon Corzine’s 2006 inaugural address, during which he promised to do what is best for New Jersey and asked citizens to hold him accountable. The ad can be viewed at and invites viewers to call Corzine about his failed promises.

“Jon Corzine should be more careful about what he wishes for,” said RGA communications director Mike Schrimpf. “Does Corzine really want New Jerseyans to hold him accountable for the skyrocketing unemployment rate and the nation’s highest property taxes?”

“Unfortunately for Corzine, he only has himself to blame,” Schrimpf continued. “Corzine eliminated property tax rebates for middle class homeowners and twice hiked taxes by $1 billion. Now the state faces a $10 billion deficit next year.”

“Jon Corzine said he’d use his Wall Street wizardry to help solve New Jersey’s fiscal woes,” Schrimpf said. “But he seems incapable of managing a lemonade stand.”