Joe Biden’s Gas Prices Reach Record Highs, Inflation Higher Than Expected

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, the Bureau of Labor Statistics released new inflation data for the month of April revealing inflation was yet again higher than expected at 8.3%, marking another near 40-year record high. While Joe Biden tries to shift the blame to Putin’s war in Ukraine and to Republicans for rising costs, his near record low approval rating is proof that Americans know who is truly responsible for consumers’ pain.

The burden on consumers across every sector of the economy continued for another month, with:

  • The gasoline index, up 43.6%;
  • The food index, up 9.4%;
  • The energy index, up 30.3%;
  • Used cars and trucks, up 22.7%; and
  • Utility (piped) gas, up 22.7%.

“Just one day after the news of U.S. gas prices hitting a new record high, the Biden administration takes another blow with the latest inflation report showing the cost of just about everything continuing to rise,” said RGA Communications Director Jesse Hunt. “While Joe Biden laughs at the brutal reality of rising costs of gas, food, and rent, the Americans struggling to pay their bills don’t find it funny. Republican governors are actually addressing the concern at the front of every voter’s mind by lowering taxes, getting people back to work, and securing a strong future for their states.”