“It’s All About Jobs” – Kentucky GOP Governor Matt Bevin Lays Out His Priorities For Re-Election

With a clear record of promoting job growth and expanding economic opportunity, GOP Governor Matt Bevin is committed to building on the progress his administration has made as he seeks a second term in Kentucky’s highest office. This week, Governor Bevin laid out the priorities for his re-election campaign, stating that “it’s all about jobs” while also emphasizing his efforts to modernize the tax code, cut regulations on businesses, and promote criminal justice reform. As Governor Bevin works tirelessly to expand opportunity and improve life for the people of the Commonwealth, he will continue to move Kentucky forward in a second term in office.

Kentucky Today reports:

“Gov. Matt Bevin laid out some of his goals if he is elected to a second four-year term in 2019.

During an impromptu press conference in Frankfort on Thursday afternoon, the governor said the public pension plan still needs to be addressed, regardless of the outcome of the lawsuit pending before the Kentucky Supreme Court, which will be heard later this month.

‘We have the worst-funded pension system in America,’ he said. ‘The system is failing and will fail if we don’t make structural changes.  If we continue to lie to people about what they are going to get out of it and we don’t make changes to future employees, then the people who are already retired and the people that are working now, are not going to get what they think they’re getting.  The money is literally not there.’

He says modernizing the tax code, eliminating regulations that hamper job creation, making Kentucky ‘the gold standard for adoption and foster care,’ and criminal justice reform are some of his other priorities, he said.

Speaking of job creation, Bevin said there could be some good news coming soon. ‘There’s a board meeting in America today, that hopefully is going to make a determination about investing initially $650 million in what would likely be a joint piece of $1.1 to $1.2 billion in capital invested in this state.’

He wouldn’t identify the company other than to say it’s a domestic firm. ‘I hope to be able to announce that in the next day or so.’

Bevin says he’s excited about the possibility of more economic growth.  ‘It’s all about jobs. At the end of the day, people want opportunity and good things are happening in Kentucky, and there’s good buzz.  Other states hear it.’

He admits there’s some competition among governors. 

‘There’s a little begrudging of the fact that, ‘Bummer, we didn’t used to have to worry about Kentucky and now we do.’  That’s a good problem for us.’

Bevin also spoke about the Braidy Industries facility which is being built in northeastern Kentucky. ‘They’re not actually going to produce product until 2020, but they have already sold their first seven years’ worth of production, based on the projected size of their plant, to all of the top buyers of aluminum sheet in America.’”