J.B. Pritzker STILL Won’t Say How High He’d Raise Taxes In Illinois

With less than three months until election day, Democrat gubernatorial candidate J.B. Pritzker continues to refuse to provide any details about his tax hike plans. It begs the question – are Pritzker’s tax hike proposals so egregious that he’s willing to disrespect voters by keeping the details a secret?

We already know that Pritzker would force through an “immediate increase” in Illinois’ income tax if elected, but he won’t say how high. Newspapers from across the country, including the Wall Street Journal, have blasted Pritzker’s secret tax hike plan. The Belleville News Democrat editorial board calls Pritzker’s refusal to provide details a “cause for more worry.”

At the same time, Pritzker refuses to pay his own fair share in taxes, dodging taxes on his “uninhabitable” Gold Coast mansion while storing cash overseas in the Bahamas.

With his tax hike plans and hypocritical record, it’s no wonder that J.B. Pritzker’s been labeled a “yes man” for the crooked Chicago political establishment.