“It’s all about cost”

Photo credit: Hugh Mc Quaid, CTNewsJunkie.com

With the praise and support of Ned Lamont, Joe Biden has unleashed record inflation on Americans, driving up the costs of food, gas, and essential goods.

The New York Times recently highlighted the struggles facing families, including in Connecticut where Democrats are breaking from their party under the pressure of inflation.

“It’s all about cost,” said Gerard Lamoureux, a 51-year-old Democratic retiree in Newtown, Conn., who is planning to vote Republican this fall. “The price of gas and groceries are through the roof. And I want to eat healthy, but it’s cheaper for me to go to McDonald’s and get a little meal than it is to cook dinner.”

The reality in Connecticut is that Biden’s and Lamont’s record inflation is pricing people out, forcing cuts, and harming families.

“Ned Lamont’s full support of Joe Biden’s reckless spending spree has caused irreparable harm on families across the state as they battle to put food on the table,” said RGA Spokesman Chris Gustafson. “Lamont has proven that he has no empathy for his constituents that he has unleashed harsh economic pain upon. Bob Stefanowski has a plan to roll back taxes and put money back into the pockets of workers.”