Iowa’s Democrat Gubernatorial Candidates Continue To Ignore Rural Voters

With a Republican governor, legislature and the state voting GOP for President in 2016, Iowa is shifting red – and now Democrats are warning that their party’s decision to ignore large swaths of the state risks accelerating this trend.

The Storm Lake Times is reporting that the major Democrat candidates for governor – Fred Hubbell, Cathy Glasson and Nate Boulton – are ignoring rural Iowa and instead are only focusing on urban liberals who are way out of step with Iowa values.

Iowa Democrat gubernatorial candidate John Norris, who has struggled to gain traction, is warning that his party is ignoring rural voters. “Democrats just keep doubling down on urban areas,” said Norris.

Norris is not the only one warning about the Iowa Democrats’ rural problem. In October the New York Times quoted a longtime Iowa democratic organizer who said that “her party no longer connected with the working-class voters of her town.”

By dismissing the concerns and values of rural Iowans, Democrats are ensuring that their eventual nominee will be too far left and out-of-touch to win statewide.