Ignoring Her Own Deep Lobbyist Ties, Gwen Graham Hypocritically Attacks “Revolving Door”

Yesterday, Florida Democrat candidate for governor Gwen Graham held a press conference to bemoan “how chummy” lawmakers and lobbyists have become.  But Graham conveniently neglected to mention that she has long used her own “chummy” relationships with lobbyists and political insiders to advance her political ambitions and make her personal fortune. Here are just a few examples:

FUNDED BY LOBBYISTS: Since her consideration to initially run for Congress, Graham has taken over $110,000 from lobbyists. In 2013, Graham held a fundraiser with a “high-powered team of Florida lobbyists and insiders” at the home of a “superlobbyist.”

HIRING LOBBYISTS: Her family’s business, The Graham Companies, has hired numerous lobbyists over the past two decades. A large portion of Graham’s multimillion-dollar net worth has come from her stake in The Graham Companies, where she has worked as a director.

WORKING FOR LOBBYISTS: Graham once worked for the Washington D.C. lobbying firm Andrews & Kurth. During her time there, Graham was even listed as a lobbyist herself in lobbying disclosures.

Graham may be trying to sell herself now as a political reformer, but her record clearly shows she’s the last person that voters can trust “to raise the bar in Tallahassee.”