ICYMI: After Ronchetti’s Big Win, Ad Campaign Knocks Lujan Grisham

Photo Credit: CNN

In a sign that “Mark Ronchetti is a viable candidate who could prevent Lujan Grisham from winning a second term,” a mid six-figure ad buy was reported by the Santa Fe New Mexican for the remainder of June.

The ad, which knocks Governor Lujan Grisham for “using your tax dollars like her personal piggybank” while families struggle is the opening salvo of what is expected to be be a tight race against the incumbent, scandal plagued Democratic governor.

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GOP drops six-figure ad buy hitting Lujan Grisham over taxpayer spending
Santa Fe New Mexican
Daniel Chacon

The GOP isn’t wasting any time going after MLG.

A day after Tuesday’s primary election, a group affiliated with the Republican Governors Association dropped a six-figure ad buy portraying incumbent Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham as a high-and-mighty politician who uses taxpayer dollars “like her personal piggybank.”

The 30-second TV ad, which will run through the Fourth of July, is the first sign of the huge sums of money expected to pour into the governor’s race before the general election in November.

It also reflects the GOP’s belief that Mark Ronchetti, a former TV weatherman who handily won the Republican nomination for governor, is a viable candidate who could prevent Lujan Grisham from winning a second term.

“Governor Lujan Grisham’s failures in the governor’s office are being felt across the state,” Dave Rexrode, executive director of Get Families Back to Work, the group that paid for the ad, said in a statement.

“Her decision to put her personal agenda ahead of actually fixing problems related to record inflation, skyrocketing crime, and a crisis at the southern border are hurting hard working families, making it difficult for them make ends meet and keep their communities safe,” he said.

The ad begins by highlighting rising prices for gas, food and housing.

“People are struggling, trying to stretch every dollar — everyone except Governor Lujan Grisham, who uses your tax dollars like her personal piggybank,” the narrator says.

“When she shut down New Mexico, putting thousands out of work, she gave her staff pay raises. Bought expensive steaks and alcohol for her friends. Even hosted a lavish party for national Democrat donors at the Governor’s mansion,” the narrator continues as headlines about the governor’s spending flash across the screen.

“Tell Governor Lujan Grisham to put New Mexico families first,” the narrator concludes as the ad closes with video of Lujan Grisham and the main number to the Governor’s Office.

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