ICYMI: Oregon Editorial Boards Slam Dem Gov Kate Brown For Education Failures

Oregon’s embattled Democrat Governor Kate Brown had a rough week in press as editorial boards across the state highlighted her failure to deliver on education promises. Oregon schools continue to rank among the worst in the nation, with the 3rd worst graduation rate and nearly 20 percent of students chronically absent.

Here’s what editorial boards are saying:

The Daily Astorian: Our View: Showing up matters, especially in school
“It has been another month of distressing news for an Oregon education system that continues to rank among the worst in the country.”

“…So back to square one for Oregon education. Back to the back of the pack, at least for now.”

Albany Democrat-Herald: Editorial: The big gap in Brown’s vision for education
“…Brown’s vision for Oregon education. It’s awfully light on specifics…”

“It also ignores the biggest financial threat facing Oregon public schools, but more about that later.”

“…What goes unmentioned in the letter is any effort to deal with the growing unfunded liability from the state’s public pension system, something that threatens the ability of school districts to provide any kind of service to students.”

The Oregonian: Gov. Brown’s education ‘vision’ blurred by contradictions: Editorial Agenda 2017
“Meanwhile, Brown continues to duck the most pressing issue facing education – and social services and public safety and health care and child welfare and any other public function: The ever-escalating burden of the Public Employees Retirement System. Because the pension system carries a $25 billion unfunded liability, all public employers are making higher contributions to the system with larger spikes expected for years to come. That means fewer dollars will go to hiring teachers, counselors and reading specialists and more will go to the PERS system.”

“Instead of immediately attacking the problem, however, she and other Democratic leaders said reform will have to wait. Until 2019.”