ICYMI: DGA Chair Phil Murphy Under Fire For Toxic Workplace Culture, #MeToo Allegations On His Watch

Another week, another slew of bad headlines for DGA Chairman and New Jersey Democratic Governor Phil Murphy. As he continues to try to discredit women alleging harassment on his campaign, Murphy now finds himself embroiled in a national scandal roiling the Democratic National Convention.

Here’s what they are saying:

Politico: “Former Murphy Aides Fired From DNC Host Committee”

  • “The flap is a political embarrassment for Murphy, who has been fighting allegations from a former top campaign consultant that his campaign was a ‘toxic’ environment for women, and whose administration is being sued by staffer Katie Brennan, who claims it did not take seriously her allegation that a campaign staffer, Al Alvarez — who was later hired for a top administration post — sexually assaulted her in 2017.”

Bloomberg: “Bad Behavior Complaints Cite Conventions, Murphy Campaign”

  • “But Murphy’s circle has been struck by allegations of impropriety toward women by male aides working on his campaign. Last year, a special legislative committee found that Murphy’s staff had mishandled a report of sexual assault by a volunteer against a staffer. Two other women have said one campaign aide had a violent temper, with one saying he threw a chair in her presence.”
  • “A fourth woman, Julie Roginsky, a veteran Democratic strategist for state and national candidates, alleges that while working for Murphy, she was called a gendered slur by campaign manager Brendan Gill. She was fired, she said, after she complained to Murphy. ‘I told him I never had a more toxic campaign experience in all my years, and this was setting an awful precedent for how his administration was going to go,’ Roginsky said in an interview.”

NorthJersey.com: “Was Phil Murphy Campaign ‘Toxic’? Top Staffers Not Talking After Misogyny Allegation”

  • “For a governor who prides himself on progressive values of inclusion and equality, Murphy has faced many questions about the treatment of women, beginning with the handling of a sexual assault allegation.”

Newark Star-Ledger: Editorial Board: “Don’t Stack The #MeToo Panel With Murphy Loyalists”

  • “Following reports of sexual harassment and even rape at New Jersey political events, Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg is forming a committee to find ways to change this toxic culture for women… As she is weighing this, the closeness of various nominees to the governor should count against them, not in favor. Murphy has earned a seat in the penalty box on this issue.”
  • “His administration is actively enforcing gag orders against women that could protect harassers, and failed Katie Brennan utterly after she reported being raped by a colleague on Murphy’s campaign.”