ICYMI: DGA Chair MLG’s “slide toward vulnerability”

Photo credit: CNN

The media in NM is waking up to the realization that DGA chair Michelle Lujan Grisham is in real trouble in this upcoming election, describing her potential downfall as “one of a hundred paper cuts, mostly self-inflicted.

In case you missed it…

Trounced in court, Lujan Grisham keeps hope alive for GOP
Santa Fe New Mexican
Milan Simonich

After being rebuked by the state Supreme Court, Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham might yet turn a turkey trot into a horse race.

She continues her slide toward vulnerability in the 2022 election by alienating even natural allies.

Lujan Grisham’s behavior and decisions leave her susceptible in a midterm election that should favor Republicans.

Many people fault her for shuttering small businesses during part of the pandemic, thereby funneling consumers to big-box stores.

Lujan Grisham has other worries. Her political committee paid $150,000 to her onetime campaign spokesman, James Hallinan, who said she sexually harassed him. Lujan Grisham called Hallinan’s allegations false but still opted to settle with him.

By her account, she ended a distraction to governing during a pandemic. But the deal is sure to be a campaign issue for Republicans.

They also will attack Lujan Grisham on her management skills. One of her public education secretaries served only six months in the Cabinet before being fired. The next one resigned after two years, though he spent a few months in Pennsylvania instead of New Mexico.

The governor’s priorities are another ripe issue for Republicans. She didn’t want lawmakers involved in allocating money for pandemic relief, but she called them into special session this year to legalize recreational cannabis.

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