Hood Campaign, Mississippi Dems In Disarray Two Weeks From Election Day

Jim Hood, the tax and spend liberal who was once named the second worst Attorney General in America, is having a rough go at his campaign for Mississippi governor. On the heels of two lackluster debate performances, where Hood took a page from Elizabeth Warren’s book and dodged questions about how he would pay for his $1 billion agenda (spoiler alert: tax hikes), Hood’s campaign is embroiled with ethics questions and bickering with members of his own party.

Hood, who has been described as “famous for his ethically questionable conduct while in office,” has had to fend off criticism from watchdog groups for a politically-motivated investigation into his opponent, Lt. Governor Tate Reeves. The investigation, which was “light on conclusions,” was flagged as potentially unconstitutional and raised questions about Hood’s “integrity and impartiality.”

A new report from the Associated Press describes a unified Republican party heading into Election Day while the Democratic Party – ostensibly led by Hood – is in disarray. Infighting is nothing new for Hood. His Democratic primary opponents accused him of having “a sense of privilege” and issuing a “slap in the voters’ face,” for refusing to attend a debate hosted by the largest Democratic Party chapter in the state. This infighting with the Mississippi Democrats has continued into the general election, with Hood dodging questions and trading barbs through the media with the Democratic Attorney General candidate, who has publicly expressed her “disappoint[ment]” in Hood.

Hood hasn’t been shy about embracing his fellow Democrats in the past. An ardent Hillary Clinton supporter and donor to her campaign, he served as a pledged delegate for her, and even called for the abolishment of the Electoral College after she lost to President Trump in 2016. Hood’s ties to radical liberals go even further with his support for California’s Attorney General Xavier Becerra, who is regarded as one of the leaders of the anti-Trump “resistance.”      

“Everyone knows what team Jim Hood is on, and it’s Hillary Clinton’s team. Hood can dodge all the questions he wants, but his flailing campaign can’t hide the fact that his plans would raise taxes on working Mississippi families to fund billions in government spending – just like his liberal allies,” said RGA Communications Director Amelia Chassé Alcivar.