Holocaust Remembrance: FL Dems Must Condemn Fried’s Hitler Comparison

Photo credit: Steve Cannon, AP

Holocaust Remembrance Day is an essential reminder for the world to never forget the atrocities committed by Adolf Hitler and the Nazi’s during World War II. It is also a call to action, for each of us to condemn any effort to sow that kind of hate or trivialize what was in fact the murder of over six million Jewish people.

And yet that’s exactly what Florida Democrats have been doing as Nikki Fried doubles down on her comparison of Governor Ron DeSantis to Adolf Hitler. Charlie Crist’s refusal to condemn Fried’s rhetoric and Annette Taddeo’s continued silence are equally reprehensible.

“Fried’s comments comparing life in Republican-led Florida to the tyranny and mass murder under Hitler and the Nazis have been condemned by the Anti-Defamation League and countless Jewish advocacy organizations,” said RGA spokesperson Joanna Rodriguez. “On this Holocaust Remembrance Day, Florida Democrats, including Charlie Crist and Annette Taddeo, must put aside party loyalty, condemn her dangerous rhetoric, and demand better from their ‘only statewide elected official.'”