Hollywood Liberals Bankroll Louisiana Dem Gov John Bel Edwards’ Campaign

Democrat Governor John Bel Edwards tries to portray himself as a moderate, but in reality he’s nothing more than another tax-and-spend Democrat whose political ambitions are bankrolled by Hollywood liberals.

A new report by The Washington Free Beacon shows that Edwards received sizable donations from several Hollywood heavyweights within a week of a recent visit he made to California. At the time, he portrayed his trip to Louisianans as an official visit to promote the state’s film industry, but the flow of campaign cash indicates he spent significant time promoting himself to West Coast elites.

But Edwards isn’t only relying on California liberals to support his candidacy; he just returned from a trip to New York City where he reportedly “visited with business and political leaders about his campaign.” Edwards refused to disclose who he met with to inquiring reporters, but his visit coincided with two fundraisers held for Democrat presidential candidates in the city, one for Joe Biden – who was joined by far-left Governor Andrew Cuomo, and another fundraiser for California Senator Kamala Harris.

“As he rakes in donations and rubs elbows with liberal elites in Hollywood and New York City, John Bel Edwards proves that he’s no moderate, and his utter lack of transparency shows he’s worried the voters will find out” said RGA Deputy Communications Director John Burke. “Louisianans deserve more from their governor – it’s time for new leadership.”