AGAIN! Hobbs flip-flops on Title 42

Photo credit: Ross D. Franklin—AP

In a room full of Hispanics at last night’s Telemundo gubernatorial forum, Katie Hobbs flip-flopped on her Title 42 position for the third time in 6 months, once again proving she can’t be trusted to properly address the issue of illegal immigration.

But first let’s take a look at Hobbs’ three previous Title 42 policy positions:

Arizona Family, April 4, 2022: “Title 42 is not working”

CNN, April 24, 2022: “Katie Hobbs urged Biden to reverse his “rash decision” and said lifting Title 42 “without a clear plan to secure our border would be a disaster.”

Arizona Republic, April 25, 2022: “Team Hobbs, in full damage control mode, quickly explained that Hobbs’ statement to CNN wasn’t a U-turn but merely an elaboration on her earlier four-word answer to Welch. 

‘Title 42 isn’t working, as evidenced by the fact that border crossings in Arizona have continued to increase since this policy was put in place, but lifting Title 42 without a clear plan to secure our border would be a disaster,’ Hobbs said, via a statement. ‘I urge President Biden to reverse this rash decision and finally commit the necessary resources to end the chaos at our border.’

So Title 42 isn’t working … but Biden should leave it in place anyway?” (Arizona Republic’s words. Not mine.)

And here is Hobbs’ latest position:

Telemundo, October 4, 2022: “Uh, Title 42 is not immigration policy. Uh, it’s health policy, and it’s not working. Uh, border crossings have increased since it was invoked in 2020 at the beginning of the pandemic. Uh, so I am not sure what issue it’s trying to solve but it is not working.”

Shocking. Especially considering that border security is a top two issue on voters’ minds.

“Katie Hobbs may not actually be able to fulfill her next gig as an MSNBC contributor because she’ll be too busy untying herself from the knot she placed herself in during the ’22 campaign,” said RGA spokesman Will Reinert. “Voters should be shocked that, even in a room full of Hispanic voters, Hobbs still is not able to consistently articulate her position on Title 42.”