Hickenlooper, Ritter: Politicians of the Same Stripe

Both Have Raised Taxes, Killed Tens of Thousands of Jobs

“If you want to know what John Hickenlooper would do as governor, you only need to look at what Bill Ritter has done.

 – Tim Murtaugh, Republican Governors Association

 The Republican Governors Association today launched an advertising campaign to highlight the similar records of Democratic candidate for governor of Colorado John Hickenlooper and the man he hopes to replace, Gov. Bill Ritter.  Both men have raised taxes as elected officials and both have killed tens of thousands of jobs.  The significant RGA effort includes television ads on broadcast and cable outlets, radio spots and online advertisements promoting the website www.NoJobsJohn.com.  

“If you want to know what John Hickenlooper would do as governor, you only need to look at what Bill Ritter has done,’” said Tim Murtaugh, spokesman for the Republican Governors Association.  “They’re politicians of the same stripe – they’ve both raised taxes and killed jobs.”

The television ad – titled “Stripes” – details Hickenlooper’s record of raising taxes and killing jobs as the mayor of Denver.  As mayor, he pushed for $290 million in new taxes and oversaw the loss of 39,000 jobs in the city.  Those facts are parallel to Ritter’s record of increasing taxes on job-producing businesses and his support of higher taxes on natural gas producers.  Colorado has lost more than 100,000 jobs under Ritter.

The radio ad spotlights Hickenlooper’s desire to steer clear of comparisons to Ritter, though the similarities make that impossible.  Both advertisements are available, along with additional factual information, at www.NoJobsJohn.com.

“John Hickenlooper’s candidate represents the possibility of four more years of failed economic policies,” Murtaugh said.  “It’s been a disaster for the city of Denver, and it wouldn’t work any better for all of Colorado, either.”