Where does Healey stand on parent’s rights?

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Take a look at Maura Healey’s website and you won’t find one mention on where she stands on parents’ rights in their child’s education. Nor has she made any mention of it on the campaign trail, as confirmed in a report today from MassLive.

Based on Healey’s record, it would not be surprising if her plan included measures that limit school choice, reforming and lowering graduation standards, and no mention of defense against critical race theory in the classroom nor preventing early exposure to gender identity lessons.

With recent polling revealing that a majority of voters “oppose public schools teaching sexual orientation, gender identity in grade school,” and majority favorable of a parent’s influence in their child’s education, Healey owes Massachusetts’ students and parents an answer on where her administration would stand on these issues.

“Maura Healey’s failure to take a clear stance on these issues is a slap in the face to all Massachusetts parents concerned about the quality of their child’s education,” said RGA Spokeswoman Kaitlin Price. “The Democrat candidate who claims she would be ‘the education governor’ has some work to do to fill the holes in her plan before heading to the debate stage against Geoff Diehl next week.”