Happy John Bel Edwards Day!

With his record of historic tax hikes, Tax Day might as well be called John Bel Edwards Day for Louisianans. Over the course of his term, Edwards has imposed some of the largest tax increases in the history of Louisiana, despite the fact that he pledged he would not raise taxes on the campaign trail in 2015. Here are just a few examples of how Edwards is making Louisiana families pay more to bankroll his big government agenda:

  • In 2016, Edwards signed a $1.1 billion tax increase package, including a massive sales tax hike, which The Times-Picayune wrote “tends to hurt poor people the most.”
  • Edwards’ sales tax hike was supposed to be temporary, but he extended much of the increase in 2018, forcing working families to keep paying higher rates after being told the increase was “temporary.”
  • While taxpayers were further burdened by his agenda, Edwards celebrated extending his tax hikes with beers and a cigar.
  • Edwards pushed for raising the state’s telephone tax and blocked cuts that would have gone into effect on the tax.
  • Edwards has called for increases to state taxes on personal income, alcohol, rental cars, and online travel services.

“While John Bel Edwards celebrated his tax-and-spend agenda over beer and cigars, working Louisiana families have struggled to make ends meet while the state lags behind in nearly every economic ranking,” said RGA Deputy Communications Director John Burke. “Louisiana needs new leadership to ensure that this is the last Tax Day under John Bel Edwards.”