As Gwen Graham and Philip Levine Falter, Andrew Gillum Is “Catching Fire” With Florida Dem Voters

It was another tough week for the favored gubernatorial candidates of the Florida Democrat political establishment, Gwen Graham and Philip Levine.

While Graham and Levine flounder amid repeated episodes of hypocrisy, negative attacks on each other as entitled and “tone-deaf,” and paltry activist support, Andrew Gillum is “catching fire.”

Despite the “cloud” of corruption surrounding his candidacy, Gillum recently secured a major endorsement from former Florida Democrat Party Chair, Bob Poe. On top of that, Gillum has been “all over cable TV,” where he slammed Graham for taking different positions now than when she ran for congress in 2013.

Because of this positive momentum, yesterday, Gillum was named “winner of the week” by The Tampa Bay Times.

Unfortunately for Florida establishment Democrats, their base doesn’t want the typical politicians they’re selling, leaving a “huge vacuum” for insurgents and ensuring their primary will only grow more chaotic and divided.

Tampa Bay Times Reports:

Winner of the week

Andrew Gillum. Tallahassee’s mayor may be an underdog in the Democratic gubernatorial primary, but lately it seems he’s the Democrat catching fire. He has been all over cable TV talking gun control, he drew prominent coverage in the Washington Post, and he won the endorsement of a top Florida Democratic money-raiser, former Florida Democratic Chairman Bob Poe.”